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Starring :
Bowie Lam
Lo Man Kit

Li Shan Shan
B _
Lau Hoi Wai
Chan Mei Kee
Flora Chan Wai Shan
Chung Lai Kay
Choy Tsz Kin
Harrison Gabriel
Chan Choi Nan
Untraceable Evidence II - Ų    II
G 20
No. of episodes: 20
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Untraceable Evidence II - Ų    II YUEN (Lam Bowie) has left Hong Kong since he separated with coroner YIN (Chan Wai Shan Flora). Yuen does not return to Hong Kong till his elder sister, YEE (Chan Mei Kee)'s weddign. Yuen resumes duty after his return. Yuen and Yin meet again. Yin sees through TONG (Lee San San) who still loves Yuen. Thus, Yan does not show her real order to make Yin and Yuen reunite, Tong and Yin's subordinate, Lun pretend as lovers. Yuen and Yin eventually reconcile and restore their lover relationship.

JUN (Chung Lai Kai) proposes to separate with his boyfriend, KIU (Lo Man Kit, Simon). Jun has blossomed love with a model, MING (Harrison Gabriel) after separated from Kiu. Kiu is very upset. He vents his anger by playing trick on Ming's younger sister, CHING (Chan Choi Nan). Kiu and Ching always play tricks on each other. They are friends as well as enemies.

Untraceable Evidence II - Ų    II Yin and Yuen's relationship improves a lot as they have cleared many cases together. When they have known that Tong and Lun are false lovers, they try to match Tong to a lawyer, KIT (Choy Tsz Kin). Both Yin and Yuen never know that this match is, indeed, a death trap........


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